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A machine called the da vinciâ® robot is used to assist in removing the cancerous prostate and surrounding lymph nodes. This process is a minimally invasive approach to prostate cancer surgery. Benchmarks - what is the difference between robotic surgery, regular open surgery and laparoscopic surgery? Dr. Peter pinto: robotic surgery is done in the same fashion as open surgical removal. The difference is that what originally required a large incision (from the belly button down to the pubic bone), now only requires 4 to 6 small incisions, each about 5 mm-12 mm in length. These incisions allow instruments to pass through ports (a hollow cylinder through which instruments can pass), keeping the surgeon’s hands outside the patient. buy viagra online viagra online viagra for sale buy cheap viagra floridalighttacklecharters.com/thq-buy-viagra-canada-uk/ viagra without a doctor prescription buy cheap viagra cheap viagra viagra online cheap viagra online Prior to the advent of this machine, surgeons like myself were performing these procedures laparoscopically. Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy is a less invasive approach to open surgery and uses the same ports to pass instruments as the robotic platform. During laparoscopy, the surgeon’s hands are physically attached to the instruments that go through the ports and the instruments themselves are limited in their range of motion. In addition, the laparoscopic camera that is placed inside the abdomen to visualize the prostate displays the image onto a screen that is two dimensional, so the surgeon has to overcome the lack of depth in the operation. In the robotic platform, which has become so popular, the surgeon who would normally have his hands either inside the patient or attached to the instruments, is now moved back to a console which is most often in the operating room next to the patient. This console has two controls or masters for both hands that allows me to manipulate the instruments that are inside the patient through a robotic interface. Moreover, the instruments that go through the ports are wristed, meaning more degrees of freedom and allowing the movement of the instrument to be similar to that of the human wrist, creating better angles for surgery. Also, when you look through the console at the surgical field it gives you a magnified three dimensional image, therefore you can get the same depth as if you were seeing the image with your own eyes. The type of instruments used in robotic surgery are the same ones i use in open surgery. We can use scissors, pick up or forceps, apply clips, suture and tie knots. The robotic platform emulates the open technique, but also removes surgical tremor and can scale down motion. In the open and laparoscopic platforms, if a surgeon’s hands shake slightly, movement of t.

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